Mt Claremont

About this project

A narrow strip of development only one property deep characterizes this site, enabling potential ‘green’ views over playing fields to the north and the rolling fairways of Cottesloe golf course to the south.

To take full advantage of this opportunity the design incorporates the idea of an ‘upside-down’ house, locating the major living spaces on the upper floor level and zoning the children’s bedrooms and playroom on the ground floor. By placing the living ‘heart’ of the house, above the ground plane the ‘green’ views to the north and south are experienced simultaneously.

Care was taken in the design to reduce the overall scale of the house. This is achieved by breaking the mass of the building into three distinct forms. Two flat roofed boxes (with landscape court between) to the east are juxtaposed via the lower height, central circulation zone against the major volume of the pitched roofed block (housing the major living spaces) to the west.

The house benefits greatly from a north/south axis and by breaking the major mass into three distinct blocks this allows controllable north light into all of the major living spaces.