About this project

This project, a home for a family with two children, is situated on a 1012msite in Dalkeith. The context is an eclectic mix of both old and new housing stock typical of this suburb.

The fundamental design intent was to create a contemporary, liveable family home, with a casual but sophisticated feel. It was also essential to provide separate children’s and parent’s zones in addition to the main family spaces to accommodate the children and their friends. An important client requirement was to create light and open living spaces that could be opened up to the outdoor deck areas in more than one direction to accommodate an uninterrupted flow between inside and outside, with maximum northern exposure for living and entertaining spaces.

The individual skillion roofed forms reflect the distinct internal zoning and provide for soaring, airy, internal spaces and high levels of natural daylighting. The front blocks contain the parent’s suite and garage.  The central block contains the main family living area.  The rear block contains the children’s bedroom and activity spaces.

The restrained materials palette, together with the simple, contemporary forms and planning, has resulted in a family home that distinguishes itself in its western suburbs context.